Monster Education

THE BASIC QUESTION: (1) What’s happening, right now? (2) What would I like to change?

Quote –“It takes more courage to look at the dark side of one’s own soul — than to fight on the battlefield!” – William Butler Yeats

THE TOUGH QUESTION: (1) If nothing changes, what is “most likely” to happen? (b) What is the “worst thing” that could happen?

IN A NUTSHELL: Monster Education™ shows you different ways to manage those things that are “doing violence” to your spirit.


– You learn different ways to relate to/or manage your core energy and deal with the things that bother you.

Your monsters can help you learn more about “who you are and how you fit into the world” (i.e. your personal mythology).

They can provide you with accurate and valuable information that you can use as you journey into new territory; and/or do new things, or face new situations.

Your monsters are your unique and loyal friends. As one participant said, “They are very loyal to me, when I go to the other side of the river, they are there!”

Another said, “It’s really worth listening very carefully to what your monsters are saying to you. They can provide the help and support you need, when you need it!”

Your monsters can help you see what is really happening, and help you identify opportunities that were previously hidden to you!

“Your monsters are “whatever is bothering you, irritating you, or interfering with your life. Your monsters are those things that decrease your life energy; or, “do violence” to your spirit. As one participant said: “My monsters are all those things that are currently driving me crazy!


Fact #1 — Most people DON’T KNOW that their monsters can help them!
Fact #2 — Most people don’t know HOW to get help from their monsters!